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Introducing our C. Elegant Wedding Package, a comprehensive floral arrangement that encompasses everything you need for a stunning wedding celebration. This package includes a breathtaking Bridal Bouquet featuring 24 roses, five Bridesmaids bouquets with six roses each, eight Boutonnieres for the Groom, five Groomsmen, and Fathers, two Wrist Corsages for the mothers, and ten exquisite Centerpieces in 5x5 cube vases. Choose from an array of rose colors including Pink, White, Red, Yellow, and Lavender, allowing you to personalize your wedding aesthetic. Our bouquets are expertly hand-tied with tulle ribbon, adding a touch of elegance to every arrangement. Please note that tax and delivery charges are additional. Create an unforgettable wedding experience with our C. Elegant Wedding Package, where beauty, style, and convenience come together to make your special day truly extraordinary.

C. Elegant Wedding Package

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