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Introducing our B. Deluxe Wedding Package, the ultimate choice for a truly elegant and memorable wedding celebration. This comprehensive package includes a stunning Bridal Bouquet adorned with 24 roses, exuding beauty and grace. The package also features 5 Bridesmaids bouquets, each with 6 roses, adding a touch of sophistication to your bridal party. For the gentlemen, we offer 8 Boutonnieres, including the Groom, 5 Groomsmen, and Fathers, completing their dashing looks. The mothers will be adorned with 2 Wrist Corsages, adding a special touch of elegance. To set the perfect ambiance, enjoy 10 Centerpieces in 4x4 cube vases, enhancing each table with beauty and charm. Choose from a variety of rose colors, including Pink, White, Red, Yellow, and Lavender, to match your wedding theme. All bouquets are exquisitely hand-tied with tulle ribbon, adding a delicate and romantic touch. Please note that tax and delivery charges are additional. Let our B. Deluxe Wedding Package make your special day unforgettable, leaving you and your guests in awe of its timeless beauty.

B. Deluxe Wedding Package

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